Quality Control

Quality is of paramount importance to all team members at Payrosa. We are continually evaluating and improving the level of service we offer our client to ensure the reputation for quality on which we pride ourselves is maintained and grown.

We are committed to providing projects that are not just fit for purpose, but which exceed expectations in terms of quality of build and functionality. Our reputation for both quality of our project management and finished projects is achieved through our proven quality management system.

Our quality system is an integral part of our company management activity and is implemented through a comprehensive set of procedures and controls.

Our Quality Management System follows six basic principles of quality

1. Provide for long-term quality control through established processes and systems.

2. Nurture and guides our quality culture through its proven policies and procedures.

3. Successfully identifies and controls the quality standard and quality of design as defined by our clients.

4. Plan for quality: identifying measures of achieving the required quality, including construction methods, equipment, materials and personnel “get it right first time”.

5. Encouraging all parties to work together to deliver their best.

6. Provide a process of continuous improvement to eliminate any quality deficiencies that may arise.

Our management structure and the responsibility of all our employees is explained in detail in our management manual.

Our quality is an integral part of our existing management process which sets the high standards of cooperation required by all members of staff to ensure that the quality of service we provide to our clients is second to none.

The purpose of such a quality system is to “get it right first time” our directors and staff are committed to driving this process actively to give our clients the satisfaction of knowing that we will deliver exactly what we promise.                                                                 

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