Environmental Management

OUR PURPOSE is to deliver brilliant buildings, transform lives, strengthen communities and enhance the environment so our world is fit for future generations.

Creating a better planet for future generations by putting the climate, biodiversity and resources crises at the heart of the way we do business. This includes our approach to carbon, waste and biodiversity.

At Payrosa we contribute to our environment and develop structures that may last centuries. With this in mind, we are future-centric in terms of the design and technology we apply.

We recognize the importance of utilizing the most modern and sustainable materials within the construction process. We are proud to have built quite a number of iconic projects which have broken new grounds in terms of sustainable materials and innovative construction techniques.

Payrosa continuously strives to perform sustainable best practices in construction in our mission to lesson our impact on our environment, and every new project for us is a challenge in search of a zero-carbon footprint.

The area of the provision of more and more sustainable and renewable buildings is constantly evolving and changing and we are operating in a very exciting and dynamic time. Payrosa continues to innovate with every project every day, and rigorously applies our environmental management system to achieve this.

We continue to lead the way in terms of our approach to sustainability. We source our materials responsibly; we audit our supply chain to ensure compliance with our systems and procedures whilst continuously checking our chain of custody certification.

This investment in suppliers and materials selections allows us to give the required high performance in use that specifications demand but with a reduced environmental footprint.

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