Payrosa Group Limited

Principal Contractor, specialized in building and converting existing buildings to BtR, Specialist and Serviced Accommodations

Our turnkey solutions provide a complete service for developers, busy portfolio owners and landlords from design, to build and furnishing.


Our project team prepares the construction site before the work begins. Once the strategic plan has been created, and the budget, design, and timeline are finalized, the project team begins to gather the labor and resources required for construction.


During this phase, the project team orders, purchases, or rents all the materials, tools, and appoints our supply chain to complete the project.


This is the project execution phase where all our planning will pay off. During the construction phase, the center stage belongs to the us and our subcontractors. We will transition the project into actual construction. The priority is to ensure that the project is delivered as designed.


When the project has been completed, we work through the client's snag list, assembly the project-related documentation, handover the building and carry out post project review. We evaluate our performance with our clients and with our board to learn and improve.

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